Traning and Consulting

training & consulting


In developing specialization Zach has been able to see a large volume of cases in the Anxiety and OCD related areas. Due to this expertise he has been asked to consult on complex cases with other therapists, psychologists, and social workers. Zach enjoys helping others this way as it helps our professions grow. The demand of how many people seek treatment will always outweigh the supply of people offering evidence based treatments. Therefore, he see this as imperative to help others through teaching and consulting.


Over the years Zach has presented to dozens of organizations, agencies, and classrooms. He enjoys the aspect of being able to deliver up to date information in an engaging way through presentations.


Currently Mr. Pacha is providing training and technical assistance for three teams in the state of Iowa using the NAVIGATE model for treatment of first episode psychosis. NAVIGATE is an evidence based treatment proven effective for individuals who experience their first episode of psychosis. The purpose of this program is to help individuals and families “NAVIGATE” the difficulties of finding help and improving psychological well-being. Mr. Pacha has provided this on training for five years and will continue this work into the future.

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If you would like to consult, request a presentation, or train with him, please inquire at 515-505-1666.